10.05.19 – Samantha and Christopher: A Romantic Garden Fall Wedding

Samantha and Christopher’s wedding on October 5, 2019, was a special event at Iriswoods Weddings and Events venue. The two country music and Nashville lovers got their dream wedding, and we could not be any happier!

Photos were taken by Nashville Wedding Collection

Although we did not meet them until their wedding day, all the planning for their full-service all-inclusive wedding was done using e-mails and Facetime, we achieved everything smoothly.

This lovely couple was from Connecticut. While they are not from our area, the bride and groom actually adore the city of Nashville and country music. And because of that, all the girls had to put on their cowboy boots. This totally gave the wedding entourage a laid-back and rustic vibe.

The gorgeous bride was a floral designer, so she had her specific vision of what it would be like on her own most awaited day. Just imagine the dedication and passion a floral designer would have on someone else’s wedding; what more in your own wedding day, right?

Nothing is more satisfying than being able to deliver everything she wanted just like she had envisioned. Everything went smoothly and the wedding ceremony was lovely, thanks to James Tripping Tucker (on Facebook), who always knows how to deliver a delightful ceremony.

Samantha wanted her wedding to be full of peach and sage tones with a romantic garden theme. We achieved this by incorporating David Austin Peach Rose Juliet’s, antique green/pink hydrangeas, White O’Hara Garden Roses, peach shades of roses, antique peach carnations, peach Gerber daisies, peach Yarrow, Feather eucalyptus, dusty Miller, and succulents to transform her wedding day. Indeed, the overall floral theme and feels made the venue so dreamy, cozy, and intimate.

Elite Cakes by Brian (on Instagram) did a fantastic job designing their elegant naked cake. It had flowers that matched their romantic garden theme. The sage and peach tones blended well with the white interiors and overall rustic set-up of the place.

Samantha and Christopher had a fantastic party after the ceremony. You can see in the photos that they had so much fun at their cake cutting, toast, and first dance. Romance, indeed, was truly in the air all night.

After all the preparations, ceremony, party, picture-taking, vows, shared laughter, and smiles, this unforgettable day will always be treasured. The newly-weds had a mesmerizing sparkler departure. Undoubtedly, the evening ended perfectly, but truthfully, this is just the beginning of a lifetime celebration. Thank you for choosing to celebrate with us, Samantha and Christopher.

Iriswoods Weddings and Events venue team

White Tennis Shoes Wedding Shoes

Brides-to-Be: It’s All About Your Wedding Shoes!

Comfy white sneakers wedding shoes

“Life is short. Wear cute shoes.”

Do your shoes remind you of a particular time, a memory, or just comfort? Are you one of those brides-to-be who think of every detail in their upcoming wedding day and are very particular about the kind of shoes they’re going to wear? Or is comfort your number one priority? Regardless of your bridal shoes, let’s talk about those charming pair of shoes on your most awaited day!

The Classic Bride: White Shoes

Photo by Roberts Photography and Films

“A woman with good shoes is never ugly.” -Coco Chanel

One can never go wrong with a white or cream pair of shoes. Whether it’s a flat, pumps, block heels, or high heels, it will always be chic, and it goes well with a pure white or off-white bridal gown. The classic white is the usual choice for many brides. If you’re the type who wants to look incredibly elegant and timeless, go for some white shoes.

Photo by Laura K Allen Photography

The Playful Bride: Sparkly and Embellished Shoes

Photo by Mandy Liz Photography

“No matter how much you eat… The shoes still fit!”

Do you want something sparkly and fancy? Since it’s your wedding day, it’s just natural that a bride wants to feel like a queen on her precious day. Opting for some embellished high heels, low heels, pumps, or sandals will unleash the inner royalty vibes in you.

Photo by Kendrarphotography

A pair of Jimmy Choo shoes will always be a great choice.

Going for metallic heels is all in all awesome.

The “Comfort-Is-Everything” Type

Wanting to wear some heels but your number one priority is comfort—well, fear not as you can totally choose anything flat. The common bride wears at least a little heel, but it’s perfectly fine to follow your preference. You’re the bride, it’s your wedding—you should be totally comfortable throughout the day until the after-party.

Who says you can’t wear comfortable and cute wedding shoes at the same time? This pair of cute loafers with a dog print is absolutely adorable.

The bride is happily jumping off the stump in her tennis shoes.

The Rustic Bride: Wedding Cowboy Shoes

Photo by Nashville Wedding Collection

Who said brides couldn’t wear cowboy shoes? This kind of shoes reflects your personality as a laidback person, or if you’re holding your lovely ceremony in the countryside, these shoes are the perfect fit for you. But regardless of the place, you can genuinely be astonishing if you choose this pair.

Final Thoughts

Whatever shoes you plan to wear and regardless of whether choosing a pair reminds you of a treasured memory, makes you express your style, or let’s face it: simply for the sake of comfort, remember that your wedding shoes are just as vital as choosing your wedding dress.

“Give the girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.”

Don’t also forget to consider the wedding venue, season, and your gown. Go ahead—never be afraid to explore and find your perfect pair of shoes for your most treasured day.

6.12.20 – Taylor and Jon: An Intimate Summer Wedding

Jon and Taylor Wedding Shoot

Taylor and Jon’s celebration at Iriswoods Events and Venue is one of the most intimate and classiest weddings we had in our place. They had a beautiful romantic garden theme: a laid-back yet fun-filled occasion. The couple would cherish this once-in-a-lifetime moment forever. Undoubtedly, it’s a lovely summer matrimonial in 2020.

Photos by Ashley Hannon Photography

The details and choices for their wedding were simple yet graceful. For florals, they had white and blush roses and they went for silver dollar Eucalyptus and gunni Eucalyptus greenery. Invitations, the easel board with welcome signage, the unplugged ceremony, the displayed pictures, and the bar set-up gave some relaxed rustic feels.

We bet you would never doubt to agree that their reception theme was accurately the epitome of elegance. Don’t you just love the all-white interiors and those small elegant decorations they opted for? The festive white lights also made the ambiance more private, welcoming, and cozier.

Taylor’s gorgeous lace gown with the light blue dresses was enchanting. The pretty ladies in their good-looking dresses and captivating smiles blended well with the lush green background in the nuptial site.

The Iriswoods Weddings and Events venue was perfect in the sense that the bride and the father walked from the quaint log cabin to the ceremony under the canopy of trees and the breeze of air. Even if the wedding was held in summer, surely everyone felt cool as they were embraced by the gentle wind in the location.

A lovely shot of the bride and her friend hugging happily.

Both the newlyweds and their guests had a great time – it was obvious in the chitchats, the dancing, and the bonding. Indeed, the wonderful beginning came to a memorable ending! It’s not only a day, but a night to reminisce. Thanks for the trust, Jon and Taylor.

Iriswoods Weddings and Events venue team

Iriswoods Events Venue

Iriswoods: The Perfect Weddings & Events Venue for All Seasons [2020]

Any kind of celebration is worth planning for, and choosing the perfect venue that suits your needs is essential. If you’re in search of the best wedding venue for your most memorable day, or the ideal place to celebrate any occasion—whether it’s a birthday party, a cozy and intimate proposal day, or even shooting your country music video, well look no further!

Couple in the fields at Iriswoods
Photo by Kyle Gregory Photography

Out of the many location events in Tennessee, Iriswoods Wedding and Events venue is your most excellent choice, and here’s why! And find out why couples come to Middle Tennessee to get married. 

Iriswoods: Where Rustic Meets Elegance

Tucked in the secluded stunning woods and pastures in Mt. Juliet, you’ll be enchanted by the charming Iriswoods Weddings and Events venue, just 17 miles east of downtown Nashville. It’s also only 15-20 minutes east of the Nashville International Airport. 

Iriswoods Weddings and Events venue.
Photo by Marissa Roberts Photography

Iriswoods Weddings and Events venue is a circa 1850’s historic log home nestling on an 18-acre land with breathtaking views from every angle. And when we say every angle, we really mean it—the photos will speak for themselves. Not just every angle, but also every season as well! You’ll be surprised how versatile and excellent the location is!

The Perfect Events and Wedding Venue in Tennessee

 Amanda Lovelace Photography
Photo by Amanda Lovelace Photography

As you enter the property, you will be greeted by captivating sage grass and pathways cut throughout the venue.  

 Shots by Chayenne
Photo by Shots by Cheyenne
Door of the log cabin
The log cabin
Cozy lights
Cozy lights
Ashley Hannon Photography
The bridal suite. Photo by Ashley Hannon Photography
Bridal suite mirror
Photo by Nashville Wedding Collection

Our venue can accommodate 2-150 people. Furthermore, the log house has five rooms. The bridal suite with a restroom is upstairs, while the downstairs includes the groom’s room, two bathrooms, the buffet room/small ceremony room, and prep kitchen. 

Sunset over the barn
Sunset over the rustic barn

There’s also a barn that can be used for photo opportunities. The beautiful sunsets over the barn are ideal for picture taking. The sun perfectly sets to the west, just right atop the barn. This location has its rustic charm but also beautiful. 

Wedding Packages

Our wedding packages are full service and all-inclusive so families can come and enjoy the day. We take care of all of the details.

Fall wedding by Nashville Wedding Collections
Photo by Nashville Wedding Collections

Choosing a ceremony site location that provides shade is something most soon-to-marry couples look for. Our century-old trees in the ceremony site form a canopy, making for a more relaxed, breezier, more comfortable experience on a warm summer day. The ceremony site faces the north, so the setting sun is never an issue with our site.

The ceremony site

Wedding ceremony sites can take place under the shade of century-old trees. These trees form a canopy over different areas of the property, including the ceremony site.

The reception area

We have a 3,200 sq. ft. patio with a gorgeous cedar pavilion and a soaring 20-foot high ceiling complete with white pleated ceiling draping, crystal chandeliers, café lights, string lights, and lamp posts for receptions.

Photo by Laura K. Allen Photography

Not to mention, since we offer full service all-inclusive, the bride, groom, and their families arrive and have fun. Everything is taken care of. We include all of the vendors except the officiate, photographer, and videographer.

Our passion is to make your #bestdayever memorable, so you can rely on us on the event planning, design, styling, coordinating, and directing to turn your visions into your dream wedding day!

Why the Perfect Venue For All Seasons

Like we’ve mentioned, you can really enjoy any occasion, from every angle, and in all seasons! 


Spring is full of those white flowering trees, bright green grass, and just the perfect balance of gentle cool air—not too hot, not too cold.

Celebrating in spring is ideal if you prefer the just-right temperature. Besides, you can enjoy a nice southerly breeze that takes the chill off. 


The barn

Imagine your event filled with the flowers’ sweet fragrance, the smell of freshly cut grass, the gentle breeze of air—the perfect summer picture. Everything is fun and bright.

In Tennessee, summer comes as warm to very warm, but the venue has so many century-old trees providing an almost constant cool wind. There’s nothing more relaxing than feeling refreshed by nature. 


In the fall, there are cozy and warm colors as the autumn season approaches. This gives you crisp and chilly mornings, a scenic autumn color landscape as fallen leaves are wonderfully scattered, and snuggling near to the one you love. You’d also love the cold nights, but it warms up in the day. 


Winter is cold but not frigid in Tennessee. Temperatures might dip into the teens maybe five days out of winter; the lows are usually in the 30’s. The barren trees at the venue cast a nice shadow, especially on newly fallen snow. It would be a fantastic eventful winter day!

It sounds like choosing a winter day may not be favorable at first glance, but here in Iriswoods Wedding and Events venue, it can change your mind. You’ll experience serene and peaceful winter days with some lovely touch of snow.

Photo by Ashley Hannon Photography

Truly, Iriswoods Weddings and Events venue stays true to its tagline: it’s where rustic meets elegance. Whether it’s your most awaited wedding day or any occasion you want to celebrate—and you want to make it truly a #perfectevent, choosing us means you’ll have a good time, and the date will never be a problem! Seasons may change, but not our dedication and heart to be the #perfecteventvenue ever.