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Brides-to-Be: It’s All About Your Wedding Shoes!

Comfy white sneakers wedding shoes

“Life is short. Wear cute shoes.”

Do your shoes remind you of a particular time, a memory, or just comfort? Are you one of those brides-to-be who think of every detail in their upcoming wedding day and are very particular about the kind of shoes they’re going to wear? Or is comfort your number one priority? Regardless of your bridal shoes, let’s talk about those charming pair of shoes on your most awaited day!

The Classic Bride: White Shoes

Photo by Roberts Photography and Films

“A woman with good shoes is never ugly.” -Coco Chanel

One can never go wrong with a white or cream pair of shoes. Whether it’s a flat, pumps, block heels, or high heels, it will always be chic, and it goes well with a pure white or off-white bridal gown. The classic white is the usual choice for many brides. If you’re the type who wants to look incredibly elegant and timeless, go for some white shoes.

Photo by Laura K Allen Photography

The Playful Bride: Sparkly and Embellished Shoes

Photo by Mandy Liz Photography

“No matter how much you eat… The shoes still fit!”

Do you want something sparkly and fancy? Since it’s your wedding day, it’s just natural that a bride wants to feel like a queen on her precious day. Opting for some embellished high heels, low heels, pumps, or sandals will unleash the inner royalty vibes in you.

Photo by Kendrarphotography

A pair of Jimmy Choo shoes will always be a great choice.

Going for metallic heels is all in all awesome.

The “Comfort-Is-Everything” Type

Wanting to wear some heels but your number one priority is comfort—well, fear not as you can totally choose anything flat. The common bride wears at least a little heel, but it’s perfectly fine to follow your preference. You’re the bride, it’s your wedding—you should be totally comfortable throughout the day until the after-party.

Who says you can’t wear comfortable and cute wedding shoes at the same time? This pair of cute loafers with a dog print is absolutely adorable.

The bride is happily jumping off the stump in her tennis shoes.

The Rustic Bride: Wedding Cowboy Shoes

Photo by Nashville Wedding Collection

Who said brides couldn’t wear cowboy shoes? This kind of shoes reflects your personality as a laidback person, or if you’re holding your lovely ceremony in the countryside, these shoes are the perfect fit for you. But regardless of the place, you can genuinely be astonishing if you choose this pair.

Final Thoughts

Whatever shoes you plan to wear and regardless of whether choosing a pair reminds you of a treasured memory, makes you express your style, or let’s face it: simply for the sake of comfort, remember that your wedding shoes are just as vital as choosing your wedding dress.

“Give the girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.”

Don’t also forget to consider the wedding venue, season, and your gown. Go ahead—never be afraid to explore and find your perfect pair of shoes for your most treasured day.